Tip Tuesday: Facebook Monitoring and Reporting

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Tip Tuesday: Facebook Monitoring and Reporting

We’re going to add a new weekly series to the blog: Tip Tuesday. Every Tuesday I’ll be giving tips, tricks, and hints to help you get the most out of the tools within our system.

Using the Facebook Tool

Today I want to tackle Facebook monitoring and reporting, the newest addition to Raven. Connecting your Facebook information into your Raven account couldn’t be easier. Once you authorize your account, you’ll be able to view insights data, referral traffic, and run reports for managers and clients.

All Facebook fan pages are associated with personal accounts. The only way for Raven to gain access to a fan page, is to have you connect a personal account that has admin access rights to the fan page.

Authorize Access to Facebook Fan Page

To start the process of connecting a fan page to Raven, go to Social > Facebook via the tab menu. You will be presented with an option to authorize your Facebook account.

Authorize your account

Sign Into Facebook

Sign into Facebook with the account that has admin access rights to the fan page.

Sign in to authorize the process in Facebook

Choose Fan Page

If your Facebook account is associated with more than one fan page, you can select the fan page that you would like to connect to. Remember that the fan page will be associated with the website you’re currently managing in Raven.

Select the Facebook page

View Fan Page Data

Fan page data will display in the Facebook tool, which includes Facebook Insights and Google Analytics data (if you’ve already authorized GA for the website you’re managing). In addition to Insights and GA referrals, you will also be able to view your wall, and submit wall posts.

See Facebook Insights and data

Build a Facebook Report

The Facebook tool allows you to run a report directly from the tool’s page, or via the Report Wizard in the reporting section. Facebook reports can be branded, and easily sent to managers or clients as a PDF.

Create a report with Facebook data

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