Tip Tuesday: Display Settings

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Tip Tuesday: Display Settings

As we roll out new features to Raven Tools virtually daily, we’re mindful of how these new additions are displayed for you to see and use. Because our customers use the tools in a myriad of ways, we wanted display settings that were as flexible as possible. But sometimes these settings go unnoticed, so today I wanted to point out the possibilities for changing them.

SERP Tracker

The tool where display settings are especially important is the SERP Tracker. As we continue to add data to SERP Tracker, such as Google Analytics data, you have the flexibility to display just the amount of data you want to see. Click on the Display Settings link, and the following will drop out for you:

In the settings here, you can display as many or as few of the SERP Tracker options as you’d like. Google Analytics visits and chart will show you a rolling 30-day view of incoming organic traffic on the particular keywords you’re tracking. If you want to see AdWords data on Search Volume and Advertiser Competition, that can display in line with your tracked keywords. Average Rank will show you the average rank of all of your keywords that rank for each individual search engine. If you have added competitors to the Competitor Manager (you may do so by going to Dashboard —> Competitor Manager) you can display their ranking right beside your own. If you have keywords in the Keyword Manager that you aren’t currently tracking, you can choose to see those alongside the ones that you are.

The final piece of the display settings in SERP Tracker is important: the baseline. The baseline is what all ranking comparison is done on, meaning those red or green arrows and ranking changes you see. The default is to compare rankings to the previous week, but you have the option of changing this date to something else, or no baseline at all.

Backlink Explorer

The display settings within Backlink Explorer afford you a few options, the default being showing nofollow and image links. If you’d like to see the discovery date of that link, this is also an option.

Site Finder

Site Finder comes with a bit more data than Backlink Explorer, and allows you to display various scores for the websites you’re researching. The default of this particular tool already has all of the display options turned on, but you can easily turn off the columns you don’t want to see.

As we implement more feature requests and enhancements to Raven Tools, you may see display settings pop up in other places. Just look for the “Display Settings” link on the top of a particular tool to change how you view and interact with your data.

Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

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