Tip Tuesday: Create Custom Link and Website Types

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Tip Tuesday: Create Custom Link and Website Types

Last week, I highlighted the Link Manager tool as a whole. This week, I want to focus on one particularly useful aspect of it: custom link and website types. If you are working on any form of niche link building campaign, Raven gives you the flexibility to customize link and website types so that you can keep your link building records as specific as possible.

At the very bottom of the main Link Manager page, there are two links: one to customize website types, and the other to customize link types.

Custom Link Type and Custom Website Type

From here, you can create as many custom types as you like. You can even reorder the way they appear in the drop-down menus when you are editing link records.

Create Custom Link Type Form

It’s simple, but this kind of customization can go a long way to keeping your link building efforts streamlined.

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