Tip Tuesday: Branded Reports

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Tip Tuesday: Branded Reports

It is a pretty well known fact (or at least I hope it is!) that you can brand your PDF reports within Raven. One of our main goals is to give users enough flexibility to wipe any trace of Raven away, from a white labeled report and tools, to even pointing Raven to your own custom domain for our Agency users. The simplest form of that would be branded PDF reports, which you can run from just about any tool within the system. See a link that says “PDF Report”? You can brand them in just a few simple steps:

1. Go to Reports > Brand Templates

2. Click “Create a new template”

3. Choose your options

Here you have the option to upload a logo image, set the colors for the top bar and top bar text, add footer text and set SERP Tracker keyword alignment, rank alignment and rank display options. You’ll need to name the template, then decide if you want the template available for just the Website you’re working with, the Profile you’re currently in or across your entire account.

4. Make the template the default

If you would like for this particular brand template to override the default Raven template when running a PDF report from anywhere else in the system (besides the Report Wizard), you must make the template the default. Depending on your settings (Website, Profile or global), this brand template will output any time you click on “PDF Report” throughout Raven’s tools.

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