Tip Tuesday: Adding Google Analytics Accounts to Raven

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Tip Tuesday: Adding Google Analytics Accounts to Raven

Reporting back to your boss or clients used to involve going to several different tools across the web and compiling the data in the best way you could. We realized that analytics data was some of the most important data out there, but instead of reinventing the wheel, we wanted to give you access to data you already had and make reporting seamless. With that in mind, we have made adding Google Analytics accounts to Raven simple and quick.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to set things up properly, including information to ensure that you are not using more tokens than Google Analytics allows you to.

Add Account

Authorize a New Google Account

Select “authorize a new Google Account”. This will begin the process to link your Google Analytics account with Raven.

Grant Access

Grant Access to your Analytics

You’ll need to allow Raven to access your Google Analytics account, which you can do by clicking “Grant access”.

Name the Account

Name the Account

You’ll need to name the account. IMPORTANT: Name the account with the email address associated with the Google Analytics information you are adding! This allows for ease of use in the future when associating different websites that may have Google Analytics data in the same GA account. You can reuse the same token on multiple websites, so using the email address associated with that particular Google Analytics account makes this easy to recognize in the future when you are setting up analytics for new websites that are in your same Google Analytics account.

NOTE: You cannot authorize the same Google Analytics account more than 20 times in our system. If you have more than one website associated with the same Google Analytics account, use that same token for every new website you set up.

Choose Website

Profile associated with site

You will see all of the websites that you have analytics for with this particular email address. Choose the site from the list below that corresponds to the website you want to set up analytics for in Raven.

Set Up A New Website

Authorized Google Accounts
If you have a new website that you would like to set up analytics for within Raven, you can choose to use a token you have already set up. If the analytics for that site reside within that same Google Analytics account, all you have to do is select that token that you have already set up, and select “Use This Token”.

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    Thanks for sharing, i never use google analitics but now i have to re-think for using it.