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Brian Fling brings attention to a new term called Thought Leadership. Thought Leadership is a new buzz term that Wikipedia describes as an…

… article of jargon used to describe a person who is recognized among his or her peers for innovative ideas and demonstrates the confidence to promote those ideas. The term can also be applied to companies, usually small businesses.

As Brian points out in his Thought Leadership blog post, the idea of Thought Leadership isn’t new, just the term. What is new is the move to modern think tanks and the embrace of open public discussion. Building on this new shift, he offers some concrete ideas on how to get started as a thought leader. His ideas include:

  • Starting a blog
  • Starting small
  • Creating a publishing calendar
  • Knowing your audience
  • Turn on comments
  • Write guidelines
  • Stand by your principles.

Sitening already incorporates many of his ideas through our active blog, where we offer expert opinions and help on a variety of web development topics. In fact, a couple of months ago we garnered significant attention for writing a timely and controversial article entitled, “Going Tableless: Why CSS Should Be Used For Layouts.” More recently, we developed a free online tool called SEO Analyzer that helps web designers create search engine optimized websites using web standards. Within days of releasing it, we received rave reviews from web developers all over the world, and our website traffic skyrocketed to tens of thousands of hits per day.

Sitening will continue to be a Thought Leader in usability, web standards, search engine optimization and marketing, and programming and database solutions. We plan to do this through:

  • Helpful and informative blog posts
  • Educational meetings at our new office
  • Innovative online tools for web developers


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