The Importance of Article Distribution and How it Relates to SEO


The Importance of Article Distribution and How it Relates to SEO

Article distribution can be a very effective method for gaining inbound links and traffic to a website. As part of an SEO campaign it can be time consuming, but if completed and carried out correctly, it can make a significant impact on search engine performance.

When you using article distribution, you should focus on the following three areas:

  1. Niche
  2. Content
  3. Audience


A lot of article distribution sites will have categories or tags that you can choose when submitting your article. A well written article submitted to the wrong category might as well never have been submitted.


Content plays a crucial role as far as SEO is concerned. A good title followed by optimized content and keyword rich inbound links to your website will keep the audience satisfied and the search engine bots content. Select your keywords wisely. A lot of article distribution sites will generally have their own site search so people can access the content that’s relevant to them. If you’re writing your own articles and don’t use a professional service, double check your grammar and spelling. A poorly written article can have a negative impact upon the person reading it.


Consider your audience. Don’t just stuff your article full of keywords. First and foremost, the person reading the article is your primary concern. If they find it interesting, they will publish it on their own websites — and visitors to those websites will be more inclined to link to it on their blogs and social networks. Secondly, search engine bots may see the keyword and/or link stuffing as spammy and choose to ignore it altogether.

Article Distribution Resource

If you’re considering using article distribution sites as part of your SEO campaign, you may want to check out our Review of Zotero Add-On for Firefox. We have for download a list of thirty article distribution sites that you can submit articles to.

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