The Goldilocks guide to SEO

The Goldilocks guide to SEO

It’s an anxious time for SEO. We’ve got a brand-new Google algorithm update to parse, Webmaster Tools warnings raining down and a general crisis of conscience to boot. Heck, Google may have even thought your site was a “parked domain” when it wasn’t.

How’s an SEO-focused Internet marketer supposed to get by these days?

Maybe we all need to relax a little. The good folks at SEO Book recently published an SEO infographic focusing on the sweet spot between doing too much and doing too little when it comes to search optimization. It’s filled with practical information and shows that, as usual, the best answer is probably the most common-sense one.

SEO strategies

What’s your take? Are we all overthinking it? Or does this infographic make it all seem too simple? As always, we’re waiting to hear from you in the comments!

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