The Flyer Wall

The Flyer Wall

After The Million Dollar Homepage (MDH) made a million dollars, copycat websites sprung up all over the place. Most of those sites had poorly conceived gimmicks and none of them were ever able to recreate the success that the MDH had. As with most good ideas that have run their course, there always seems to be one person who comes along and does something new and interesting with an old idea. Paul Dixon is one such person.

Paul is a web designer in the UK who thought it would be cool to recreate an urban style flyer wall, online. Although flyer walls aren’t common to most people, they’re everywhere in large cities like New York and London. Flyers by their very nature are advertisements, but there’s generally an artistic flair that accompanies them either through repetition and/or a unique design. Paul has successfully captured the unique experience of an urban flyer wall with his website The Flyer Wall.

Unlike the MDH, Paul isn’t setting out to make a million dollars, nor is he wanting to build something as ugly as that. Instead, he’s interested in promoting the sites he likes best in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. With his unique artistic style, he recreates flyer style ads and posts them on his digital wall. The result is one of the coolest digital advertising pages ever conceived.

Paul is easy to work with and very professional. If you’d like to have your own flyer designed and added to the wall, contact Paul with your request. However, keep in mind that he’s very selective with the flyers he creates, and he has the right to refuse to advertise or link to anything he doesn’t find appropriate.

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

  • Paul Dixon

    The flyer wall is now even better –

    – improved design across the site

    – wordpress powered blog for all the latest news

    – worn & weathered flyer tutorial

    – more flyers showcasing some great sites