The End of Stag Hunting


The End of Stag Hunting

It used to be that conducting a search for “sitening” in Google would result in Google asking you if you meant “stag hunting.” As always, I would say to myself, “no, I didn’t mean stag hunting you stupid #$*@(# search engine!” Although the first result was always our website, that nasty did you mean never went away. Well, things have changed.

I recently did a search for “sitening” on Google, and to my surprise, not only was the did you mean gone, but we had a special fancy pants search result for our company. We apparently hit some sort of algo-threshold that makes Google think we’re somebody. It’s possible that our recently Dugg article, 16 Coolest New Features In Mac OS X 10.5 That You Didn’t Know About, pushed us over that threshold. Or it could have been Scott’s entry, San Diego Wildfire Updates with Google Maps, that pushed us over the edge. Regardless, I like what I’m seeing. Thanks Google. I’ll count this as several loves in our love/hate relationship.

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