The Best Exhibitor Swag at PubCon Las Vegas 2007


The Best Exhibitor Swag at PubCon Las Vegas 2007

A conference wouldn’t be a conference without free swag. I always look forward to the exhibitor booths at PubCon — partly for learning about a new services, but mostly for free swag!

This year, there were the usual free pens, ugly t-shirts and the like. Microsoft had some neat dice that glowed. Nobody knew what they were for or how they worked, but they went quickly. Google had some very cheap yo-yos that spit out laser beams when you spun them. Unfortunately, Scott’s broke after the first spin.

My favorite swag came from Userplane and Izea. Userplane had four very well designed mouse pads. I got the pirate mouse pad for my friend Tim at Pirate Monkeyness and another one (not shown) for my own mousing pleasure. Izea was giving away cozies. Scott hates cozies, while I love them. You can never have enough good cozies to keep your cold beverages cold.

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 Exhibitor Swag

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