Tennessean Launches URL Shortener TNne.ws

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Tennessean Launches URL Shortener TNne.ws

A while back I received a DM via Twitter from an editor at The Tennessean that said “hey, can you come over and teach us how to use kl.am?” Being the nerds that we are, we jumped at the opportunity to go talk to folks about the things we love. While we were preparing for the meeting, we thought to ourselves, why couldn’t we give them something more personalized than kl.am? The infrastructure is already there, couldn’t we customize this for anyone who would want that? The answer was a simple yes.

For The Tennessean, as for any content provider, we knew it would be important for them to be able to display the copious amount of content they have, and would also find the ability to have a little more ad space to sell would be extremely appealing to them, so we rolled out a toolbar. The toolbar is completely customizable from CSS, to the ability to run ads, a relevant RSS feed, logo, a content search box, anything they might want for people to see as they are navigating through the world of The Tennessean.

Having a branded URL shortener just further ties their social media efforts together by keeping the brand consistent in all channels of communication with their readers. And the best part about it for them? The platform is the only one of it’s kind that supports Campaign Variables. Using this, they can pull complete tracking information into their analytics program that will give them fantastic data of just where their social media traffic is going.

So TNne.ws was born. The paper’s social media manager is very excited to have something all his to play with, and we hope to see proliferation amongst The Tennessean staff in social media channels in the coming days. We’re so very excited to see all of the uses that come out of the idea, and would love to hear yours!

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