Make peace with reports

You live and die by reports if you manage a team of online marketers.

Raven’s reporting engine takes away all the pain of creating reports whether you need it for a meeting a client just called or a month-end summary of your team’s accomplishments.

What's new for SEOs

Drag-and-drop simplicity

Your reports can include any combination of 30 modules for different parts of your online campaign.

  • Click to add the modules you want
  • Customize modules using available options
  • Add section pages with summary notes
  • Drag and drop to rearrange modules easily
  • Customize the date range for easy month-end reports

Scheduled reports

Schedule your reports to run when you need them.

Users love scheduled reports. They’re the ultimate set-it-and-forget-benefit of using Raven.

You can schedule reports to run every day, week, month or quarter depending on your reporting cycle.

Best of all, you can have Raven email reports directly to clients as a PDF or link for download. For links, Raven will track which recipients actually checked the report so you can follow up.

On-demand reporting

Get up-to-date reports whenever you need them from many tools

Sometimes you need a report right now. Or five minutes ago.

With Raven, you can run any saved report whenever you need it.

Most of the individual tools include a simple report builder for when you need a report stat.

Unlimited reports

Every Raven account includes unlimited reports. As an example, you could create all of the following for a single account:

  • Overall campaign report for your client
  • An SEO report with links, keywords, traffic and engagement for your SEO team
  • A social media report with Facebook Insights, referral traffic and conversions for your social media team
  • And so on

The limits are only what you can imagine.


Brand reports or add your client's logo and colors

Raven includes both brand templates and report templates.

Brand templates allow you to customize the look of a report. You can set different brand templates for different projects.

Report templates copy the content (report modules) of a report. This makes it easy to share a common format for client reports.

And, as with most of Raven, brand templates and report templates are unlimited.

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