Converse to convert

It’s all about the conversation. Being present. Being useful. Being memorable.

Raven brings together everything social — keyword searches, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube metrics — in one place for you and your entire team.

What's new for SEOs

Unlimited Twitter, Facebook accounts

Every Raven account can integrate an unlimited number of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. No more spreadsheets or documents of client accounts and passwords.

Add unlimited Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Raven account

With roles and permissions, you can decide which Raven users on your account can:

  • Post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Reply, retweet, like and favorite other authors’ posts
  • Add contacts to the CRM
  • Assign follow-up tasks based on posts

Persona Manager stores logins and passwords for dozens of other social media profiles.

Unified social media inbox

Manage your social media accounts and searches in one place

The Social Stream brings together all of your social media searches and social networks into one social media inbox. It ensures you’re seeing all the relevant conversations for:

  • Brand keywords and terms
  • Industry topics
  • Industry news
  • Events
  • Twitter hashtags you need watch

Track your social media metrics

Showing the impact is important — if you care about getting paid for your work.

With Google Analytics integration, Raven can show you:

Track Facebook traffic and see Facebook Insights

  • Website traffic from Facebook and Twitter
  • Google Analytics goal conversions from Facebook and Twitter

Plus, Raven provides:

  • Twitter stats, such as followers, friends, replies, retweets and mentions
  • Complete Facebook Insights

Users can include all social media analytics, including goal conversion, in reports using the Report Wizard.

Filter results for better management

Create Quick Views to filter Social Stream results

No one monitors all social media all the time. Quick Views help you focus on one monitoring task at a time.

Quick Views customize the Social Stream view.

For example, you can create a brand-monitoring Quick View that includes brand keyword searches and the brand Twitter accounts.

You could then customize another Quick View for an event you’re promoting via social media.

Keep and track social media contacts

Easily add social media contacts to Raven's CRM for future outreach
Good social media, like good link building, relies on relationships.

All of Raven’s social media management tools integrate with the CRM so that, with a single click, users can see and add contacts.

CRM can store multiple social media accounts (e.g. personal and business) for any contact.

Social media team management

Assign follow-up or research task directly from the Social Stream

Raven is built for teams of people working on the same social media campaigns.

From any tool, users can assign tasks to themselves or other users and send messages.

CRM includes unique Social Media Tasks designed to encourage outreach through social media.

A Social Task identifies a contact you want to engage with via Twitter, whether that’s a tweet, reply or retweet. When you make contact within Raven using the social handle, Raven knows and marks the task as complete.

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