More strategy. Fewer spreadsheets.

SEO campaign management is not for the faint of heart. You have to juggle keywords, links, competitors, and more to keep your client ahead.

Raven reduces the tediousness of monitoring, link management, keyword management and reporting so you can focus on getting results and making money.

What's new for SEOs

Store and find thousands of SEO keywords

Raven’s Keyword Manager keeps all of your campaign keywords in one place for easy reference. You can:

  • Add or delete with ease
  • Tag for categorization and reporting
  • Import and export with a CSV template

Link management simplified

“Raven’s Internet Marketing Tools help us maximize our time. It enables us to spend more time developing and implementing SEO strategies, while minimizing the time we spend on things like tracking and reporting links.”

Wil Reynolds, Founder
SEER Interactive

You campaigns may have 100 links or 100,000. Raven’s Link Manager can handle both with ease.

  • Add/edit/customize status, link type, and website type for your campaign
  • Search and filter with ease
  • See Link Clip of the anchor text and website header
  • Customize your view with more than 15 fields, including anchor text, description and no follow
  • Import and export with a CSV template

SEO Performance Reports

Raven saves you time and resources (think money) with four built-in reports about organic traffic to your website.

  • Site engagement shows you performance of your keywords.
  • Goals shows goal completions, goal value and conversion rate for organic traffic.
  • Landing Pages shows performance for the top landing pages.
  • Search Engine Share shows which search engines drive your organic traffic.

You can make reports directly in the SEO metrics tool or use the Report Wizard to build them into other reports.

For most of the reports, you can customize data to include any combination of visits, page views, unique page views, page/visit, avg. time on site, bounce rate, goal conversions, goal value and goal conversion rate.

Custom link reports

Raven’s Link Report module, which is part of the Report Wizard, puts a ton of reporting power in your hands.

  • Group links by link status, website type, link type, link owner or tag
  • Choose and order columns in report
  • Include active, inactive and/or new links
  • Combine links with other websites in the same profile

If you use Link Monitor, you can filter results by link position, URL match, SEOmoz metrics and more.

Links + Contacts = Better Outreach

SEO’s future is about building relationships as much as building links. Raven’s integrated CRM makes it simple to:

Link Manager and CRM share data for more efficiency
  • Track all contacts for a campaign
  • Import leads from AWeber and Wufoo forms
  • Reach out to contacts via social media
  • Send template messages to contacts
  • Create contact tasks
  • Track links related to contacts

Watch your campaign competitors

Competition matters. Competitor Manager makes it easy to track all of your SEO campaign’s competitors and see relevant data from SEOMoz and Majestic SEO.

  • Search and analyze competitors
  • Tag for categorization and quick review

Track and report SEO milestones

SEO campaign results ebb and flow with other marketing events, such as launches, press releases, blog posts and media coverage. Raven’s Event Manager allows you to:

  • Add and delete events
  • Show events in reports for your clients or your manager
  • Tag events for better filtering and reporting
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