Pretend reporting was hard to do

Reporting is the worst part of any online marketing campaign.

Raven’s reporting engines makes it easy to enjoy the process and the results. We recommend not telling anyone how easy it is to do.

What's new for SEOs

Drag. Drop. Impress.

The best feature of Raven’s reporting engine is its drag-and-drop simplicity.

“I just want to profess my love for @RavenTools reporting. This auto-reporting is going to save me HOURS each month! #THANKYOU #Productivity”

Kristine Wilson
  • Add one of 30 reporting modules with a click
  • Rearrange the order by dragging and dropping modules
  • Add section pages with summary notes
  • Change date ranges on the fly or set it and forget it

Most of the data in Raven is reportable. See the individual tool pages for more detail about what it can report and to see sample reports.

Unlimited reports

Every Raven account includes unlimited reports.

Unlimited brand and report templates

The answer to the following two questions is yes:

Add your logos (or client logos) for personalized reports

  • “Can we customize report design?”
  • “Can we reuse the same report format easily?”

Every Raven account includes brand templates that you can customize with your company logo or your client’s logo (they love that). You also change the color scheme.

Report templates make it simple to repeat the contents of a report. Just click the “templatize” button, and you can copy a report format across your account.

Brand and report templates are also unlimited, by the way.

On demand or on a schedule

Schedule reports to run when you need them or run them on demand

All Raven reports are available on demand with the most up-to-date data whenever you need it, whether that’s to evaluate progress or defend your work at a meeting.

You can also set reports on a schedule so they run once a day, once a week, etc. And Raven will even email scheduled reports to you and whomever else you like.

SEO Performance Reports

Raven saves you time and resources (think money) with four built-in reports about organic traffic to your website.

  • Site engagement shows you performance of your keywords.
  • Goals shows goal completions, goal value and conversion rate for organic traffic.
  • Landing Pages shows performance for the top landing pages.
  • Search Engine Share shows which search engines drive your organic traffic.

You can make reports directly in the SEO metrics tool or use the Report Wizard to build them into other reports.

For most of the reports, you can customize data to include any combination of visits, page views, unique page views, page/visit, avg. time on site, bounce rate, goal conversions, goal value and goal conversion rate.

Custom link reports

Raven’s Link Report module, which is part of the Report Wizard, puts a ton of reporting power in your hands.

  • Group links by link status, website type, link type, link owner or tag
  • Choose and order columns in report
  • Include active, inactive and/or new links
  • Combine links with other websites in the same profile

If you use Link Monitor, you can filter results by link position, URL match, SEOmoz metrics and more.

More than reporting: exporting

Export data from many tools, such as CRM and Link Manager
Some of Raven’s individual tools allow you to export data for further analysis. For example, you can download the data from our Backlink Explorer and review your link building efforts or those of your competitors.

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