Pilot your campaigns to more conversions

Pilots make hundreds of small adjustments on any flight.

You have to do much the same to navigate your PPC campaigns toward the optimum conversions.

Adjust your campaigns on the fly

“With Raven, we finally have an online tool that lets multiple staff members log in to carry out their tasks at the same time.”

Goran Giertz, CEO
Net Age

PPC campaigns require constant tending. After you’ve done your keyword research, Raven makes it easy to:

  • Start a new campaign, including budget and bidding strategy
  • Manage existing campaigns and groups
  • Pause and delete campaigns and groups
  • Analyze performance for a campaign or group

You can authorize as many Google AdWords accounts as you want in Raven.

Navigate both opportunities and pitfalls

See which terms triggered ads with Search Query Performance

Raven has created three tools to analyze different facets of your PPC campaigns.

  • Search Query Performance shows search terms that triggered ads
  • Keyword Quality identifies issues for keywords with low AdWords quality scores
  • Flagged Pages shows landing pages with page-quality and page-latency problems


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