Research and organize like a link librarian

What do librarians do well? They research and organize information like nobody’s business. And, they make sure nobody gets out of line.

With Raven’s link-building data and tools, your SEO campaigns will be more on target, organized and on top of changes.

Uncover link opportunities

Quality links are waiting to be discovered.

Site Finder diagnoses the best links for ranking URLs. Simply add your keyword and Site Finder will:

  • Show you the top ranking URLs for that keyword
  • Recommend the best links contributing to that URL’s ranking
  • Add target links to your Link Manager with a single click

Need to do some backlink research? Raven integrates backlink data from Majestic SEO. Backlink Explorer will:

  • Show you backlinks for the domain (either Fresh or Historic index)
  • Provide Citation Flow, anchor text, image link and no follow status information
  • Add target or existing links to your Link Manager with a single click

Take it the next step and analyze link opportunities with Research Central.

  • SEOmoz Domain authority, page authority, and combined mozRank
  • MajesticSEO Citation Flow and Trust Flow
  • Social metrics
  • External backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Linking root domains
  • And more

Catalog links with little effort

Organizing hundreds or thousands — even hundreds of thousands — of links is easy with Link Manager. It tracks everything relevant to your links, including

Track everything important to your links, including contacts, clips and more
  • Link status
  • Website type
  • Link type
  • Anchor text
  • Referring URL
  • Contacts
  • Date
  • Person assigned to a link

The Link Manager simplifies the process of finding links you’re tracking.

  • Search links
  • Tag links for easy categorization and reporting
  • Save searches for future sessions

Link Manager automatically creates a Link Clip showing a picture of the anchor text and the website header. For discerning client, you can create a report of the Link Clips with the Report Wizard.

Link outreach simplified

Links are relationships. CRM helps you manage relationships, including:

  • Add and assign contacts to links
  • Reach out to contacts via social media
  • Send template messages to contacts
  • Track links related to contacts

Automatic link monitoring and alerts

Customize your link monitoring to know when changes happen to your links.
 Links change without warning. Raven’s Link Monitoring makes sure you know about changes, including:

  • Change in anchor text
  • Change in Page Authority
  • Change in mozRank
  • Change in number of links on a page
  • Change in no follow

Linking together team link building

Raven is built for teams of SEOs. Features include:

  • Link-building tasks and assignments to team members
  • Unified contact management
  • Filtering by team member assignment
  • Messaging


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