Taking Advantage of Raven’s Research Assistant

Taking Advantage of Raven’s Research Assistant

Keyword research is the foundation of every Internet marketing campaign. Without knowing the keywords you want to target, you won’t be able to properly optimize your website, take advantage of newly created links, or build out the content your visitors are looking for.

Internet marketers have their own unique ways for discovering keywords that they believe will send significant traffic, and will also lead to conversions. Raven’s Research Assistant was designed to help in keyword discovery, but also provides some unconventional keyword research techniques.

Research Assistant
The Research Assistant integrates powerful keyword research tools, and allows you to use them to gain insight into how keywords might perform for your website. The Research Assistant uses three key tools to provide you with this data: SEMRush (with Google AdWords data) and OpenCalais. Traditionally, Internet marketers would get keyword ideas by inputting relevant terms into their favorite keyword tool, and then browsing through keyword recommendations provided by the tool. For example, the Google AdWords tool allows you to run URLs through their tool, which then analyzes and recommends keywords for you to target. You can research keywords in a similar manner using Raven’s Research Assistant.

Analyzing Page Content for Keyword Ideas

There are two ways for you to analyze page content using the Research Assistant:

  1. You can analyze an entire domain using the Domain Research function
  2. You can analyze a specific page by using the Page Analysis function

The biggest difference between Domain Research and Page Analysis, is that the Domain Research option will provide estimated search volume for the keywords, competition levels, and where the domain ranks for those keywords. The Page Analysis option uses OpenCalais to categorize keywords for you, and it doesn’t include search volume. However, there’s a way around that.

To get keyword volume, and additional keyword recommendations using the Page Analysis function of the Research Assistant, all you need to do is click on a keyword of interest. Raven will then run a Keyword Research report for the selected keyword. It will return search volume, competitor information, estimated ROI, and other useful metrics. This is an excellent way to expand on traditional keyword research.

You can take it one step further by entering the following page types in the analyzer:

  • Wikipedia pages
  • Directories
  • Forum threads
  • Twitter search results
  • Amazon product pages
  • Google Wonder Wheel

Page Analysis
You might be asking, “why should I run the Google Wonder Wheel or Amazon product pages through the Keyword Analysis tool?” It’s because they’re loaded with optimized content. When you run a Google Wonder Wheel URL through the analysis tool, it scans all of the title tags and meta descriptions for your search query. You can then see what other targeted keywords that are showing up in those tags. Also, since Amazon product pages are content heavy, you’ll get to analyze how customers are describing relevant products, and determine if they have a high enough search volume.