Summer Vacation Is Over

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Summer Vacation Is Over

The last blog entry before this one was on May 5, 2008. That was the day we hired Matt Mikulla and the blog entries stopped! Did Matt poison the creative collective and thus stop all blogging production? Hardly! Since then, we’ve been growing, changing and refocusing. The biggest shift in our business has been a new focus on the types of services we offer (and don’t offer). That change is something that’s reflected in our newly redesigned website.

A quick trip to what we do (besides “drink, nap & code”) will show you our core services. Our primary offering has become SEO & Online PR. This can be seen through our latest hires — Jesse Cooper, Alison Groves, Irene Phelps and our newest intern, Jammond Hayes-Ruffin — all of which we’re proud to announce have joined our SEO & Online PR team.

In addition to helping robots find our clients’ websites in a sea of millions, we also provide expert strategy and consulting and application development for our clients utilizing our SEO & Online PR services. AdWords Seminars for Success hasn’t gone away either. In fact, Stasia Holdren has expanded her seminars to include advanced courses and increased the number of seminars she presents.

But wait, there’s more! Sitening still has those other cool projects going on too. Expect to see a major enhancement to Snipplr in the coming months. We will also be taking Raven SEO Tools out of private beta very soon! Also, we may have a few more surprises that we’ll reveal before the end of the year – stay tuned.

So back to school and work we shall go. No more beaches, tans and Mai Tais. It’s heads down and full steam ahead…creating killer Web apps, designing hot websites and influencing search engines…

Kudos to Shelly for the incredibly awesome redesign and to Matt for taking the about us photos.

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