Starbucks iCup In the House!

Starbucks iCup In the House!

Here at Sitening there are a few thing we are passionate about. Search engine optimization. Clean design. Awesome content management tools. Oh, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. So what’s the solution for a bunch of nerds who think coffee is a food group? Get the most high tech coffee maker money can buy.

That’s right, we went iCup. Or the Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer if you’re a fan of the formalities. This thing is the Ferrari of coffee machines. It’ll brew a single cup. It’ll brew and entire carafe. For the odd birds such as myself who drink half a cup of coffee and have their heart race like they’ve just sprinted a marathon, it’ll brew a half regular, half decaf cup. It also makes hot chocolate for the non coffee drinker here. I think it would write PHP if we asked it to.

So you can imagine the excitement when The Caffinator 5000 (copyright Matt Mikulla 2008) showed up in our snack room this afternoon. I’ve already had coffee, hot chocolate and am headed back now for a cup of Calm tea. And of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t film The Very First Cup.

Ah. Smells like a snack room full of awesome.


  • Joel Taylor

    And now the whole office smells like Starbucks – the lower you go in the office, the stronger it gets. You know what the best part of the Caffinator 5000 – the filtered cool water. :)

  • Jeff Schuette

    Wow! That is one impressive machine. My heart races after a single cup of decaf.