Tools we love: Sparrow email app for Mac


Tools we love: Sparrow email app for Mac

There’s an email app for Mac that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s called Sparrow.

I’ve been looking for a low profile, yet highly functional email app for quite some time. I finally found what I was looking for with Sparrow. Perhaps inspired by the new Twitter on the Mac app, it provides a multi-account interface inside of a compact window. Messages can be opened into their own window or slid open to the side.

Sparrow Inbox and Message

Sparrow slide message

It handles all of the things you would expect it to handle—IMAP, searching, folders/labels and more—but my favorite thing about Sparrow (besides its user interface) is how well it supports Gmail and Google Apps for Business. It handles both accounts with ease and does it with style. This video provides an excellent overview of what it’s like to use Sparrow.

Sparrow pays attention to the little things. As Sparrow Tips points out, it even supports gestures!

Gesture support on Sparrow

If you got this far, then you’re in luck! I’m giving away one copy of Sparrow. All you have to do is comment below about why you’re interested in switching to Sparrow. Then I’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it in an update to this entry.

Update: Vincent Segers is the winner of the free copy of Sparrow. Congrats! Thanks to everyone for participating.

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