Social South Wrapup

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Social South Wrapup

I went down to Birmingham to attend Social South with zero expectations. Ok, maybe that’s a lie. I had one expectation: the conference would be two days of “Hey! Have you guys heard of Twitter?! It’s this amazing communication tool! You should look it up!” but not all would be lost because I’d be able to get my hands on Whataburger and Chipotle. For someone like myself who hates to admit they are wrong, I was very wrong about this one. Social South was well worth the time.

While I do believe there were a few “Social Media 101″ type presentations at the event, the organizers also made sure there was an equal amount of “Social Media 401″, for which I am very thankful. My posts from day one and day two of the event cover everything I saw on the two days, my only regret being that I missed Saturday’s keynote with Esra’a Al Sahfei in my haste to get back to Nashville at a decent hour. I think anywhere that is not the west coast is looked down upon when it comes to digital talent, and the south gets an even worse rap with the general stereotypes about the region. However anyone who could’ve seen the level of talent at the conference would quickly see that the area is full of bright folks who genuinely love what they do. It was a fantastic thing to be a part of, and I gained far more than I ever thought I would.

Many thanks to all of the organizers (I’ve helped put on BarCamps in the past, and I know it’s no small feat!) who made this a fantastic two days of learning, networking, and an all around good time. I hope to see everyone there again next year.

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