New feature: KnowEm integration


New feature: KnowEm integration

Registering and protecting a username can be very tedious work. That’s especially true if you want to have it registered on several social networks. That’s where KnowEm comes in. KnowEm makes it incredibly easy to choose the username you want, and to register it on up to 300 social networks.

KnowEm in Raven

The Raven platform now supports KnowEm username searches and registrations. It’s fully integrated into our Persona Manager, which enables you to easily create a persona from a new KnowEm registration, and then have all of the profile registration data automatically copied into your new persona record.

Creating a new Persona with KnowEm

Go to the Persona Manager and click on the Add New Persona link. Then enter a username to check its availability.

KnowEm Username Search

If the desired username is available for most of the social networks you’re interested in, click on the Register button.

KnowEm Username Search Results

Pick the registration package you want for that username—it can be registered on 100, 150 or 300 social networking sites—and then fill out the profile details.

KnowEm Order Form

After KnowEm completes your order, Raven will auto-populate your new persona in the Persona Manager with all of the social networks your username was registered with. This enables you and your team to have quick access to the persona’s login information, and if you use our Firefox Toolbar, it can help you log in to all major social networks that you’ve registered with.

The charge for the KnowEm package you selected will show up on your next Raven invoice.

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