New Features: Raven launches real-time Social Monitor and Social Stream

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New Features: Raven launches real-time Social Monitor and Social Stream

I dream big.

Raven’s first set of social tools—Facebook, Twitter and YouTube monitors, a Persona Manager, Social Mention integration—were functional.

But functional is never good enough for Raven. It’s just a starting point. It doesn’t mean it’s a tool you would use every day. All this time, I have been dreaming of social tools for Raven that truly made your life easier, helped your team collaborate better, saved you time—even helped you and your agency make money. To make that leap, we had to add better social media data, and we had to make the tools more useful and more flexible.

That day is here.

Today, Raven releases a brand-new Social Stream tool and completely revamped Social Monitor tool. They’re real-time. Powerful. Unique. And ambitious — there’s more to come.

Let me walk you through them.

Real-time data

First, let’s start with Raven’s newest third-party partner: uberVU. uberVU captures millions of social network posts and conversations every day, in real-time, from 20+ and growing sources. Those sources include:

  • Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (Google+ is coming soon)
  • Multimedia sites: YouTube, Vimeo, Picasa, Flickr
  • Blogs and news: WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Disqus, the New York Times, Slashdot
  • Link-sharing sites: Digg, Reddit, Hacker News, Stumble Upon, Delicious

Plus, uberVU records conversations in two dozen languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian and French.

NBC, PayPal, Audi, The World Bank—they all trust uberVU data for social monitoring. It’s enterprise quality. And Raven is bringing it to you without raising our monthly prices (but more on that later).

Social Monitor for monitoring

Raven uses uberVU’s data to power a revamped Social Monitor. If you’re using the Social Monitor right now, you won’t recognize the new tool—and that’s a good thing.

Raven Social Monitor

It looks simple, but the new Social Monitor can dive as deeply into social data for any brand, competitor, product or other keyword phrase as you could want. Here are just a few of the ways you can set up your searches.

Filter results by social network.

Filter by source

Filter results by type of conversation.

Filter by type

Keep track of individual authors…

Filter by author

…or find out which key influencers are talking…

Filter by reach

…in about two dozen languages.

Filter by language

The Social Monitor assigns sentiment automatically. That’s a big time-saver. Don’t trust algorithms to understand emotions? You can edit those sentiments, too.

Automated sentiment that is editable

The Social Monitor supports boolean terms for niche searches. You can set up alerts for anything, at the frequency you want them. And you can still report on your data.

So that’s the Social Monitor. Are you excited yet?

Social Stream for management

Here’s where it gets fun.

Take the searches you set up with the Social Monitor. Add your Facebook accounts. Then add your Twitter accounts. Now imagine interacting with them in real-time, in one streamlined place.

That’s the new Raven Social Stream. It’s my dream social tool.

Social stream

With the Social Stream you can quickly pick and choose the sources you want to display. For example, you can choose multiple Twitter accounts along with a Facebook fan page, or you can select multiple social monitoring search with one Twitter account. Whatever combination you want, the new Social Stream can do it.

Social Stream sources

You can create a new post and shorten links.

Shorten URL in Stream

If a mention is from a source like Twitter, you can easily reply, retweet or favorite it.

Reply from Stream

You can also add details about the Twitter user to the Raven Contact Manager in one click.

Add to Contact Manager from Stream

Identify something that needs attention later? Create a new task for yourself or a team member.

Assign task in Stream

The Social Stream brings real-time social management for the two biggest social networks—along with brand, competitor or keyword social monitoring—in one central location, for teams.

And that’s for starters.

More features coming

You can expect to see some or all of the following new features by the end of the year:

  • Ability to add custom sources, such as RSS feeds, to Social Monitor searches
  • Support for viewing and managing social conversations from the Social Stream, i.e., viewing and managing the back-and-forth of a Twitter conversation
  • Ability to manage Facebook user accounts, not just Fan Pages
  • Updating the UI for Raven’s existing Facebook and Twitter management tools to mimic the Stream and Monitor UI
  • Numerous UI enhancements and filtering capabilities

Besides what we have planned, we know that you’ll have a lot of feedback. Let us know your thoughts for the next phase of development.


To learn how to use the new tools—and how to get the most out of them—you can:

Notes for existing Raven customers

There are a few items that existing users need to know.

Social metrics

Existing users will notice a change to the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube management tools: the metrics graphs aren’t there. Don’t worry, though, we just moved the graphs to the Metrics section. You can view and report on social metrics from that section.

Social Metrics

Social Monitor search allotment

Pro or Agency, your base monthly rate stays exactly the same. Agency accounts receive 50 Social Monitor searches per month (overages at $2 each). Pro accounts receive 20 (overages at $2.50 each). Trial accounts are limited to 10, with no overages allowed during trial.

There’s no extra charge to use Raven’s unique, convenient Social Stream.

Previously, Social Monitor searches powered by Social Mention were unlimited. We are purchasing far better data from uberVU at a greater cost. We want all of our customers to have at least some access to that data, which necessitated some limits. You will see an alert the next time that you log in to Raven about how to convert to the new Social Stream and Social Monitor. Follow the instructions so that you will not lose the searches you have set up in the existing Social Mention tool. We will very clearly explain how the change will affect your billing and allow you to make easy changes to avoid overages.

For more information, see our detailed social upgrade FAQ blog post.

Social Mention deprecation

After Nov. 30, 2011, Raven will not support Social Mention. If you have not converted your searches by then, Raven will automatically move your most recent searches to the new tool, up to your account limit.

Try it now!

Raven’s own Community Manager Courtney Seiter—who rocks brand monitoring and industry research, who uses at least a half-dozen tools at any given time—had this to say:


If you’re a Raven customer, test the new tools today. If you don’t do social media management or monitoring, but someone at your company or agency does, be sure to pass along this blog post. You can take advantage of Raven’s team platform.

If you’re not a Raven customer, sign up for a free 30-day trial today! You’ll get 10 Social Monitor searches to test it out and you can use the Social Stream tool for free. Let us know what you think!

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