Social Monitor and Research Central: A powerful 1-2 link building punch

Social Monitor and Research Central: A powerful 1-2 link building punch

One of my favorite features of our new social media monitoring tool is the ability to only pull in mentions from Twitter influencers. It’s a great way to find potential evangelists, identify competitors and find guest blogging/link building opportunities. Let’s take a look at just how easy this is to set up, and how you can take your findings to the next level with Research Central.

Step 1: Set up a new social monitor search that only displays influencer results

When you add a new social monitor search in Raven, there are a handful of advanced settings that are hidden by default. By clicking the “Show Advanced Settings” link you’ll be able to better filter the results shown in the social monitor. In this case we want to segment by reach:

Social Search Settings

In the above screenshot I’m setting up a search for “link building tool.” I put the search query in quotes to return exact match results. You’ll notice I put a “-raven” next to the search query because I want to filter out mentions of our toolset. Typically if someone mentions us in this type of tweet it means they are either already talking about us or they are sharing a past review of our toolset. We want to find people who are sharing our competitors so we use the negative sign “-” to filter out our brand mentions.

Under the “Reach” drop down menu I’ve selected Twitter accounts that have between 1,000-4,999 followers. These influencers may be easier to get a hold of because they aren’t as big as someone with more than 10,000 followers would be so I might have a better chance of getting their attention.

Step 2: Check Social Stream or Social Monitor for results

Head over to the Social Stream to view new mentions that fit your search criteria as they happen or check the social monitor to star sifting through your results. The mention below was found in our Social Stream that pulled in a mention from David Iwanow where he references a potential competitor and a website that did a review of them!

Social Stream

Now that we’ve found a new competitor and a potential site to do a review of our toolset on, we can head over to Research Central to dig up a little more information.

Step 3: Find who is linking to the review

Let’s first see who is linking to this particular review. This can be a great way to find sites (in addition to the one you are researching) that may be interested in reviewing your product/service.

Research Central Search

All you need to do is enter the full URL of the page you want to analyze in Research Central. Next, head over to the Backlinks tab and select “Only Show Keywords from: MajesticSEO” in the drop down menu in the right corner above the results table.

Backlinks Drop Down

Next, sort by ACRank so you can see which links are carrying the most weight/value in their link to the review. Now you have a list of potential related websites to review your product/service!

Backlinks Results

Step 4: Research your new competitor’s backlinks and keywords

Now that you’ve identified a new competitor, take full advantage of Research Central to find:

  • Keywords they are targeting that you’re missing out on
  • What their most valuable backlinks are that you should acquire
  • What non-branded anchor text are they using in their backlinks
  • Who Research Central considers their competitors to be (so you can do this with them, too)

Plus a wealth of other great data. And just think, you were able to do all this with just a simple social search in Raven.

Ready to see what Research Central and social monitoring can do together? Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.