My social media monitoring schedule: the day, the week, the month

My social media monitoring schedule: the day, the week, the month

Reputation management. Industry trend forecasting. Insights from customers.

There are as many good reasons to monitor social media as there are tools to help you do it.

As Raven’s community manager, I use the powerful one-two punch of Raven’s Social Stream and Social Monitor to stay on top of what’s being said about our brand. That’s only part of my job, so I have to be as efficient as possible.

Here’s a look at how I organize my time using Raven’s social tools.

All day

I’m checking in on the Social Stream all day long.


I’ve created a personalized Quick View that gives me everything I need to monitor our brand at a glance: what’s happening with all our Raven staffers on Twitter, who’s mentioning our brand or blog posts, even who’s talking about our free tools GA Config and Schema Creator.


The Social Stream allows me to not only monitor what’s being said but also take action – post to Twitter or Facebook, retweet, reply to questions and comments and more.

Once a day

Once a day – or sometimes more frequently – I’ll go through the Social Stream more closely with an eye toward community building. Here’s what I look for:

New mentions: New faces mentioning us or talking with us are people I might want to follow back. From the Social Stream, I can click to see a user’s bio, see whether I’m following them and add them.


Frequent sharers: Familiar faces that share our content often are people I’d like to get to know better. I might want to add these people to Raven’s CRM and remind myself to connect with them more in depth later.


Hot topics: I’m always on the lookout for great blog posts or Internet marketing news updates that Raven’s audience can learn from.

Content curation can take place right from the Stream, either through retweeting useful content or scheduling it to post later.

Once a week

At least once a week I’ll go spend some quality time in Social Monitor. I’ve set up a search there that covers all our brand terms and brings me all sorts of social mentions, web mentions, blog comments and reviews – our social media intelligence partner uberVU monitors more than 20 sources.


I like to go through these in detail and focus on these things:

Adding new links: Social Monitor often turns up links back to our site that I didn’t even know about. Here’s one from our friends at Mack Web Solutions referencing an awesome guest post June Macon wrote for the Raven blog. I can add this link to Link Manager quickly just by clicking on the gear icon.


Checking new mentions: Whenever people are talking positively about Raven Tools, I want to know about it. Connecting with Raven fans is the first step to creating and rewarding superfans, so this is really important. Social Monitor gives me lots of mentions to follow up on, whether it’s replying to a blog comment, following up on Twitter or even reaching out to them to write a guest blog post.


Checking sentiment: Items that Social Monitor turns up have a positive, negative or neutral sentiment automatically assigned to them – a big time-saver. But automatic sentiment analysis isn’t foolproof, so I do a quick check of any negative mentions to make sure they’re truly negative. For example, this tweet probably got assigned a negative sentiment because of the word “problem” – but in this case it’s just a quote from an interview. I can change its sentiment simply by clicking on a more appropriate icon.


Fine-tuning results: I make sure to fine-tune the Social Monitor so that my feed is giving me the best possible results. If some domains I’m seeing aren’t helpful to me, I can simply ignore them for that search or for my entire website. For example, I exclude Twitter, since that’s the noisiest channel and the one I’m monitoring in real time in the Social Stream.


I’m also careful about names. You can give any search in the Social Monitor a customized name. That way, if you use “negative” searches to help determine brand sentiment, such as “[Your Client] Sucks,” your client won’t see that search name on the report.

Social Monitor Field Name

Once a month

Like most social media managers, I want to be able to evaluate all my efforts over time and show others at my company how we’re doing in growing our audience and amplifying our message. That’s where Raven’s reporting comes in.

I’ve set up a monthly report using Raven’s Report Wizard that lets me focus on the metrics that matter to me.


At the end of every month, the report is automatically emailed to me and my boss so we can both evaluate how everything went that month and set goals for the next month.


So that’s how I use Raven’s social media tools every day. What does your day as a social media manager look like? Let me know in the comments!

Courtney Seiter

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.