Social media content curation with Raven

Social media content curation with Raven

As an SEO with a large number of social media campaigns to manage, I’m always on the lookout for the best tools to help me get the most of my client’s budget and my team’s time.

I’ve used a number of things in the past but I’ve finally found a system that works well for me using RSS feeds and Raven’s social media tools – maybe it’ll work well for you too!

Step 1: RSS feeds

Not every site can generate fresh, relevant content 7 days a week, and not every business can afford a huge social media budget. However, if you are incorporating social media in your campaigns (and if you aren’t, why not?) then you’ll need great content that can be distributed on your client’s behalf.

To engage the audience, establish your client’s authority as a source of information and (if for no other reason) to keep the account active and interesting.

An easy (and efficient) way of collating that content is via RSS feeds – let it come to you rather than spend hours looking for it. I use Feeddemon because I find it much more user friendly than Google Reader and other readers I’ve used. But use any feed reader you like or are familiar with.


I set up folders by topic (a great approach if you have multiple clients that will benefit from the same type of content) but I also have feeds set up to keep track of any client RSS feeds and those of their competitors – an easy way to find out what they are up to.

Step 2: Raven’s social tools

Now, to distribute that content. There are billions of tools out there that will allow you to schedule tweets, Facebook posts, etc. but I consistently use Raven Tools (along with for certain campaigns) because they make it fantastically easy to switch between clients while doing this.

Raven’s social media management tools allow you to post to Twitter and Facebook – and for many of my clients, these two sites form the main basis for content distribution.

I’m going to focus on Twitter, using my own account to show you how it works. You can see from the control panel that Raven also supplies stats on mentions and retweet reach, which is very handy for measuring the success rate of the campaign, particularly as these figures can be fed into a report.


Posts can be scheduled throughout the day, week or month, at specific times, and URLs can be shortened very easily. (Bonus: Raven remembers your time zone.) You can also add campaign variables and quickly edit or delete scheduled posts if you change your mind.


Raven also supplies a real-time Twitter feed for each account, which is great for finding content to retweet or people to connect to – all within the same tool. These retweets and mentions can also be scheduled in at a later time, should you want that feature.


Scheduling tweets frees up so much time to focus on other aspects of a campaign – it usually takes me just 15 minutes in the morning and perhaps another 15 minutes in the evening.

With the bulk of the activity automated this way, I then keep Tweetdeck open throughout the day with a couple of columns for each client (All Friends & Mentions) to keep an eye on activity as well as look for new RSS feeds I can subscribe to.

Scheduled and real-time tweets allow me to:

  • Distribute client content (fresh and archived) including special offers, blog posts, newsletters, new products and services or company info
  • Retweet other content to build relationships (good for future linkbuilding!)
  • Bring value to followers
  • Acknowledge influencers, cheerleaders and followers
  • Contribute!

If you have access to Raven Tools but aren’t using the social features, I urge you to give them a go. They have made my life just that much easier and provide invaluable data on the impact of the work that my team does.

Carla Marshall runs Sorbet Digital, an SEO consultancy based near Manchester. Get in touch with her on Twitter at @Carla_Marshall.

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