Enhancements make us happy

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Enhancements make us happy

Every day we make progress at Raven.

Some days that progress goes towards bigger projects that we announce here, but sometimes it goes towards tiny enhancements that you may not even notice.

Many of those smaller enhancements come directly from our customers, which we love. We make this software for you, not ourselves. With that in mind, I wanted to showcase a few of our recent enhancements that have come directly from users…

SEO metrics column sorting


When we introduced SEO performance reports to Raven, there were lots of great SEO metrics to analyze – but you could not sort the data.

Many requests came in to be able to sort the tables by the metric of your choice, and now you can! A simple click on the header of the column will sort by that particular metric, and you can do this in either direction.

Removing filtered keywords from PDF reports


For years now, you’ve been able to filter certain data out of Google Analytics reports, which many customers use to filter out branded keywords, (not provided), etc.

In the past, Raven displayed those keywords at the top of the PDF report so you can always see what was omitted.

Turns out that was not optimal for many users, and they requested a way to remove that label from the PDF reports. Now it’s as simple as ticking a box, which will remove the text from the PDF that I’ve highlighted above.

Removing sentiment from Social Monitor PDF reports


Social Monitor is a powerful reputation management tool that assigns sentiment automatically to every single post it captures.

But sometimes you may your client to focus on the number and content of mentions – not the sentiment.

With that in mind, you can now turn sentiment off from the PDFs, If you do, you’ll no longer see the number of positive/neutral/negative mentions, nor will you see the color coding in the table below.

Color coding events


You can now assign colors to any events you’ve created in the Event Manager. This is another perfect example of feature requests from many users that may feel like a small enhancement, but make so many people’s jobs that much easier.

What’s your Raven wish?

So many of you we get to talk with face-to-face at many of the events and conferences we attend, and we love that. Others email us their feedback or use our feature request form. However you like to talk to us, it’s always appreciated.

I personally consider every single request we receive, and no request is too small.

My inbox is always open, and I’d love to hear any enhancement, small or big, that could make your life a little easier. Enhancements make us happy because they let us make you happy.

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Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

More about Alison Groves | @RavenAlison

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