Sitening Launches Raven SEO Tools and Companion Firefox Toolbar

Sitening Launches Raven SEO Tools and Companion Firefox Toolbar

After several months of testing and tweaking, we’re excited to announce the release of Raven — The Essential Toolset for Search Engine Optimization.

The success of Sitening’s free SEO Tools prompted the creation of Raven. We literally had thousands of registered users requesting more advanced tools and features, and the most glaring problem with our original tools (and most other tools on the Internet) was the lack of unification. Most SEO tools work independently from each other and they don’t share or store important data. Raven changes all of that.

Raven is a suite of advanced SEO tools that brings together four crucial components SEO:

  1. Research & Analysis
  2. Campaign Management
  3. Performance Tracking
  4. Reporting

SEO Analyzers

At the heart of any good SEO campaign is research and analysis. Raven provides three powerful tools to help you make the most of your campaigns. These tools can be used to facilitate sales or to manage active SEO campaigns. Each analyzer presents the reports as Web pages and PDFs (perfect for emailing to a prospect or client).

Campaign Manager

Raven’s Campaign Manager is the essential tool for any SEO specialist. Campaign Manager tracks all requested and active links for websites. It automatically monitors the status of requested and active links. Campaign Manager also manages Personas, making it easy to login to social networks, and includes a private Website Directory for keeping track of your favorite sites.

SERP Tracker

Search engine result pages (SERPs) are at the core of all SEO campaigns. SERP Tracker automatically tracks all keywords assigned to each website and reports on their performance in Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live. Additional features include competitive analysis, detailed performance history and in-depth reporting.

SEO Reports

SEO Reports consolidates each individual Raven report for a profile into one PDF report. Each report includes a cover sheet and the option to customize with your agency logo and brand features. Run reports on different date ranges, and save them as templates for future use.

Firefox Toolbar for Raven

Raven also comes with a Firefox toolbar that makes conducting SEO campaigns even easier. The toolbar allows Raven users to quickly add links to the Link Manager, instantly login to social networks using the Persona Manager and to quickly analyze any Web page.

Learn more about Raven Tool’s pricing structure for Pro and Agency accounts, and of course you can take a risk free 30 day trial.

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.