Sitening Conquers E-Ink


Sitening Conquers E-Ink

Every week at Sitening we have a staff meeting where we all gather in our conference room and talk about the different projects that everyone is working on and how things are looking for the company. When I sat down at the table this morning, I noticed someone had left October’s Esquire out for us to see. You know, the one with e-ink. E-ink? Yeah, don’t worry, I had to look it up too. The e-ink displays, sponsored by Ford and their new SUV model Flex, are included in 100,000 copies of the magazine. From

Neither Esquire, Ford, nor E-Ink would say how much it cost to produce the special cover, but we imagine it wasn’t cheap. As for the built in battery that powers the 2.0 by 4.75-inch electronic paper display (EPD), Esquire Editor in Chief David Granger said they initially expected it to last 90 days but it appears it will last significantly longer–upwards of 250 days. Once the battery dies (it’s not replaceable) a static image will be left on the EPD. In other words, part of the display will remain “on” with the ghosted remnants of the E-Ink, much like what Amazon’s Kindle does with its screensaver images.

Being the curious nerd that I am, my first thought was, “I really want to take this apart!” So that’s just what the developers and I did. Mind you, by “take it apart” I really meant “mangle it beyond recognition so that it looks like crap when we film the inside parts!” Maybe I was a bit overzealous in the quest to see just what makes e-ink tick, but here’s what Scott, Jason, and I found.


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