sIFR 3 Beta is Getting Closer to its Final Release


sIFR 3 Beta is Getting Closer to its Final Release

Mark Wubben announced on Wednesday (December 26, 2007) that sIFR was getting closer to its final release. In a message to all of the developers and beta testers, he said:

Good news, I’m running out of bugs to fix. Pretty much the only thing left to do is support page zoom in Firefox 3, IE 7 and Opera. I believe page zoom is the future, as opposed to font resizing, and therefore font resizing won’t be supported.

As of right now, the latest version is 350. If you could have a look and test it on your sites, that’d be great.

You can get the nightly from:

For the most part, the sIFR 3 beta has had excellent stability and only minor bugs. We’ve been using the beta on our own websites (including several of our clients’ websites) for quite a long time, and we’ve been quite pleased. If you haven’t checked it out, now is a good time. We’ll notify everyone once the final version is released.

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