Did you know? How to set up QuickView searches in Raven

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Did you know? How to set up QuickView searches in Raven

Have you heard? Raven’s social tools now have a new and more user-friendly look and lots of new features.

It’s also a lot easier to create and use QuickViews in the Social Stream. So, what are QuickView searches?

These searches are views that include only sources that you select, from any combination of Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages you’ve authorized and your Social Monitor searches.

QuickViews allow you to organize your Stream into separate views (say, by client, task or topic) in order to make viewing your results easier and more efficient.

Here’s how to get started using them.

How to create QuickViews

1. In Social Stream (Social > Stream), click the “New QuickView” button at the bottom left of the page.


2. Assign a name to your new QuickView.

3. Select the sources you want to include – as many as you like – from Twitter, Facebook and/or Social Monitor. You can also import Twitter lists and advanced Twitter searches in your QuickView.


4. Click the “Submit” button. Once you have saved your QuickView, it will be listed in the left column and the results will be displayed in the main column.

If you ever need to change any of the QuickViews you have created, just click the “Edit” or “Delete” buttons.


Repeat these steps to create as many QuickViews as you’d like. Back in Social Stream, view any of your Quick Views by selecting it from the menu at left.

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