SERP Tracker Adds RSS Feeds


SERP Tracker Adds RSS Feeds

Updated July, 2012 by @RavenJeremy – Raven Tools now offers SERP Tracking with Data from Authority Labs as part of our SEO tools. I’ve removed the links that reference outdated tools in this post.


Tracking search engine results pages (SERPs) just got a little easier. SERP Tracker, a free online tool from Sitening used for tracking SERPs, now supports RSS Feeds for any domain.

To access the RSS Feed, click on a website and look for the RSS icon and link located in the upper right section of your browser window.


Next, subscribe to the link using an RSS news aggregator like Google Reader.

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  • Jon Henshaw

    Ole, that’s a great idea. We’ll definitely put it on our list of future features.

  • Ole

    Hi, great SERP Tracker! Is it possible to ad different TLD for differen Language Search. ( – …)