SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 66

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 66

SEO Trademark Registration Terminated

In one of the most selfless acts this industry has ever seen, Rhea Drysdale took on an immense challenge and conquered. In short, she used her own money, filed a notice of opposition to Jason Gambert’s “SEO” trademark application, and won. Let’s just put it like this – Rhea simply rocks.

Eric Enge Interviews Matt Cutts

In one of the most revealing and indepth interviews for some time, Eric Enge spent some time interviewing Google’s Chief of webspam, Matt Cutts. Highlights from the interview include the concept of a crawl budget, duplicate content, session IDs, and affiliate programs.

Site Search Reporting: Things to Look For in Site Search Data

In their latest Ebook, SLI Systems covered 80 tips on site search. In a post this week, Linda Bustos of Get Elastic covered six of the tips contained in the Ebook. They are:

  • Regularly check the top search terms on your site.
  • Review site search terms for SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Review the searches with poor or no results.
  • Review your site search quality metrics to ensure your site search relevancy is improving over time.
  • Integrate your analytics package with your site search.
  • Watch the keywords that are quickly gaining popularity so you’re able to continually meet increasing product demand.

Anatomy of a Google Snippet

Stephan Spencer’s article at Search Engine Land is an informative piece about Google snippets – the text which immediately follows the link to a result in a search engine. Stephan discusses the components of a Google snippet, how to influence snippet text to use a Meta description, search snippets and “Key Words in Context”, additional snippet features, and 5 myths about Google snippets.

Should Clients Invest in an SEO Prenup

Anyone who’s involved in an agency already understands the intricacies of taking on projects from another SEO consultant or agency. Often the transition between companies becomes complicated and quite often creates unnecessary work for all involved. With that being said, Ben McKay’s article at the Search Engine Journal discusses the challenges of being helpful, who’s responsibility it is for the transition, the case for being a good SEO citizen, and proposes the idea that an SEO prenup may help ward off many of the issues which arise when transferring ownership of accounts.