SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 65


SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 65

20 Tips To Search Conference Success

Conference season is upon us already, and as Search Engine Marketers, some of us need a little help at being more social. Fortunately, Josh Dreller gives us 20 pieces of advice to help us get the most out of the next conference we attend.

BBC Encourages Use of Social Media Amongst News Staff

The Director of BBC Global News, Peter Horrocks, has told reporters to use Social Media as a primary source of information. Horrocks cites that technology is changing journalism and that it was important for the BBC to adapt to new technologies.

Advice for Working with Multi-Regional Websites

The official Google Webmaster Central blog offers up information to webmaster when dealing with multi-regional websites. The information details the best ways to handle global websites, how to plan for multi-regional websites, geo-targeting factors, and URL structures. Read the post to find out more.

SEO – Love It or Hate It

Barry Welford wrote a through-provoking article this week about the state of SEO. Barry uses Google Insights to reflect on the comparison between SEO Love and SEO Hate. Not stopping there, the article takes a look at the very definition of SEO and suggests that a company’s goal in the online world shouldn’t be just to rank highly in Google.

Leverage Your Connections for a Successful Blog

For the majority of us, having a successful blog implies that we’ve gotten all the technicalities right – URL structure, great design, keyword rich domain and great content. However, don’t forget your connections, the real people you’ve met at conferences or other events. A guest post by Nicholas Z. Cardot at Daily Blog Tips highlights the power of connecting and the impact it can have on your blog.

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