SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 64

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 64

SMX Coverage

For those of you who weren’t able to attend SMX West in Santa Clara this week, fear not – Lisa Barone over at Outspoken Media did a stellar job liveblogging. To see the sessions which were liveblogged, head on over to the Outspoken Media blog for more SMX West coverage than you can shake a stick at.

How a Search Engine Might Choose Text for Quicklinks or Site Links

For some number one rankings in major search engines, there are often websites which contain site links. How these site links are decided upon is cause for speculation amongst Internet Marketers. A recent post by Bill Slawksi takes it one step further though, as he looks into how the text for these site links are decided. Bill looks into a recent patent application published by Yahoo and provides a number of choices a search engine might look at when choosing which text to use for site links.

Convince Your Readers with Simple Fonts

Convincing a reader to fill out a contact form, or to fill in a questionnaire can be a difficult task. A thought-provoking article at the Neuro Science Marketing blog delves into some research. This research shows that the way we perceive information affected dramatically by how simple or complex the font is, and translates that into what you can do in your website copy to give your readers a gentle nudge.

Obtaining Passive Inbound Links

Which niche you’re operating in can go a long way in deciding upon a link building strategy. But what happens if you’re in a niche which doesn’t seem to be able to attract links? Fortunately, Debra Masteler explains two successful methods of receiving backlinks by thinking outside the box and generating customer loyalty. If you’re struggling to get inbound links, you should probably give this a read.

Google Announces Webmaster Tools Verification

Something we’ve all been waiting for was announced this week by Google – we can finally allow verified ownership of websites in Webmaster Tools. The announcement was made on the official Google Webmaster Central blog. If you’ve wanted to approve someone recently, you would have to go through the meta tag or HTML file verification process. All that needs to be done now, is to add their email address. A word of caution though, you will have to trust the people who you add because they will be given the same level of ownership.