SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 62

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 62

3 Reasons PR & Communications Pros Need to Know SEO

PR Agencies and professionals have not always been engaged in Social Media or even thought it could be useful. With consumers spending increased time online and in Social Media, how can PR people use and utilize SEO to provide better value?

  • Fish where the fish are.
  • Journalists rely on search.
  • Optimization is about more than SEO.

Lee Odden’s article at the Top Rank Blog explains further.

Explaining Real-Time Search to Clients

One of the many facets of being an Agency is educating clients. In the ever evolving world of Internet Marketing, the better clients are educated, the better they understand what you’re trying to do. However, education of a client is no easy task, but fear not, Michael Manning explains all, and tells us just how to explain real-time search to clients.

Blog Links that Build Traffic, Not Trouble

Yesterday we released two new tools which should help you out with your link building. Given the emphasis placed upon building links, it’s vital that you build the right kind of links. Julie Joyce’s blog post at Search Engine Land discusses building links for traffic, and how to avoid building a link which may cause you trouble.

Don’t Hit that Publish Button Just Yet..

We’ve all been there – you write out a blog post and you’re about to click publish, then it dawns on you, that blog post may be better off never going public. What you write, and save as draft, may not always be ready for public consumption. Lisa Barone gives us some advice – 7 Blog Posts You Write But Shouldn’t Publish.

Examples of Social Media Conversion and ROI

Results in Social Media Marketing can vary between different niches, and success in the execution can be all that it takes to enjoy a winning campaign. Jake Matthews at 10e20 shares three examples of Social Media campaigns which have been successful, and provides metrics which can be used when measuring success.