SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 60

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 60

Using the hReview Microformat for your Review Pages

If you’re an SEO and you haven’t investigated the use of Microformats on your website, read this post by Richard Baxter, in which he highlights the use of Microformats for your review pages, and explains how the hReview Microformat can be implemented and utilized.

Things to Consider When Adding Linkbaiting to Your Online Marketing Strategy

Linkbait is a common method of procuring links. But throwing up a linkbait article on your website or blog without thinking about the repercussions is a mistake. Fortunately, Lyndon Antcliff’s article about linkbait outlines several issues including attention, research and distribution.

Content is not King. Self Promotion Is.

No matter how much effort you put into writing an article, it doesn’t promote itself—regardless of its quality. In a recent post at Outspoken Media, Lisa Barone explains that the posts published when she worked at Bruce Clay, Inc. received less attention than expected. Lisa’s posts at Outspoken get the attention they deserve because:

Rae [Hoffman, Outspoken Media’s CEO] is God’s gift to promotion because she GETS the importance and she can do it better than anyone.

So, content promotion. Do it, and do it well.

Google Webmaster Quiz

The official Google Webmaster Central blog held a quiz to see who was the most intelligent webmaster. Turns out, the results weren’t just useful for bragging rights, but they also clarified Google’s recommendations for websites in certain situations.

Link Tripping Filters

Building a large number of links in a short amount of time can trigger search engines to question the validity of those links. But is there a filter for Google to start taking notice of your inbound links? Apparently, there is, and there isn’t. The article over at LinkSpiel explains the difference between Amazon receiving thousands of links, and your website, which has only been around for a few months, doing the same. The key? Build your links so they appear as natural as possible.