SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 59

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 59

Ultimate Conversion Optimization Reading List

SEO and Social Media are both very good methods of driving traffic. But if your site isn’t optimized for conversion, you could be losing out on some serious revenue. In his post today, The Grok says:

Good conversion optimization should focus on uncovering and understanding your target market’s needs, your content strategy, and on delivering your brand promise and a remarkable customer experience. Great conversions come from developing persuasive systems that allow your audience to flow naturally from awareness to evangelism.

If you want to learn more about conversion rate optimization, you should check out Bryan’s post and some of the reading material he recommends.

Hiring A Ghostwriter to be Your Social Media Personality

Social Media has exploded over the past year or so and many celebrities are keen to jump on to the bandwagon—but their Twitter or Facebook accounts may not be what fans are expecting. An article by Patricia Robles takes an interesting look at why hiring a ghostwriter may not be the best option when trying to maintain some level of authenticity.

SEO Advice for Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the richest person in the world – you’d think he’d have some tech savvy people to help him out with his blog, right? Not so much. Danny Sullivan’s post at Search Engine Land points out all the ways Gates’ blog could be improved. The post covers Page Titles, content, using META Descriptions in the SERPs, dealing with duplicate entries and much more.

Building a Well-Rounded Backlink Portfolio

A nice post by Greg Shuey at Search Engine Journal takes a look at building your backlink portfolio. Included in the post are how to use Articles, Directories, Links (Including Social, Blog, and Local) and Industry / Keyword Specific research to enable you to build a well-rounded selection of backlinks.

Preparing for the Age of Mobile

If you have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, you’re probably going to be doing more than just talking on your device. Mobile browsing and searching is going to become increasingly popular as people on the go demand a continuous experience of being online. Rae Hoffman at Outspoken Media encourages all businesses to embrace Mobile while it’s still in its infancy.