SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 58


SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 58

SEO = Strategically Elevating Optimization?

Just when you thought all was well within the SEO industry, there comes a bolt out of the blue. Someone else (other than Jason Gambert) is trying to trademark the term SEO, none other than Clinton Cimring. The SEO Dojo has the latest on this development.

5 Tips to Make the Most of Facebook Fan Pages

Are you considering making Facebook part of your marketing strategy in 2010? Here’s why you should – 350 Million active users, 50% of those users log on at any given time of the day, and the average user spends around 55 minutes per day on Facebook. Michelle Bowles digs into these details and provides a further 5 tips on making the most of your Facebook marketing.

13 Tips for Getting More ReTweets

Whether you’re doing brand management, promoting a service, or showing users the power of Social Media, you want to get your message out far and wide. So, how do you do that? By retweeting. An article by the SEM Group lists 13 ways to help you receive more retweets.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate

If you’re interested in increasing your conversion rate (and who isn’t?), then you may want to read a post by the Conversion Rate Experts which sheds some insight on their work with They go into detail about how they used analytics, user surveys, sales literature, competitors websites, and even interviewing the CEO of the company to raise the conversion rate from 5% to 22%.

What Spammers Can teach You About ORM

If there are any of you who have suffered from, or who are doing ORM (Online Reputation Management) work for clients you should probably read Dave Snyder’s latest post at Search Engine Journal. Dave discusses how spammers use ORM techniques to their advantage and how you can combat such techniques by establishing your presence online.

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