SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 55

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 55

SEO Still Matters For SMBs

Whether Robert Scoble’s recent blog post was written intentionally as linkbait or not, the amount of attention it’s received justifies its mention in our Weekly Digest. The post is titled 2010: the year SEO isn’t important anymore? and features a video featuring George Revutsky and Dustin Kittelson, co-founders of an Internet Marketing firm (not what you would expect to see in a post claiming SEO isn’t important anymore). Outspoken Media have a great retort to Scoble’s claim. The comments are pretty insightful too.

Google’s Domination of the Internet Continues

In a deal reported to be $500 million, Google are said to be in “advanced acquisition negotiations” to buy Yelp. If the acquisition goes through, there are going to be huge ramifications for all things localized due to the wide reach that Yelp has. Greg Sterling has more insight at Search Engine Land.

Top 5 Reasons for Ongoing SEO Services

SEO is a process, not a quick fix. You have to be invested in SEO for the long-haul. The Online Marketing blog covers 5 reasons for ongoing SEO services. They are:

  • Ongoing search marketing consulting is important because a large percentage of organizations fail to implement the recommendations provided to them by their SEO consultants.
  • Search marketing consultants can help organizations proactively build links over time.
  • Ongoing search marketing consulting is necessary because the search engine industry changes often.
  • Companies have thinly spread employees; ongoing search marketing consulting acts as “more hands on deck”.
  • Many companies don’t actively or effectively use analytics on their own.

Head on over to the post for further analysis. A recommended read for sure.

How to Handle Cross Canonical Content Duplication

Handling duplicate content across multiple domains can be tricky for the inexperienced SEO. The Google Webmaster blog have four pieces of advice for the handling of legitimate duplicate content:

  • Choose your preferred domain
  • Reduce in-site duplication
  • Enable crawling and use 301 (permanent) redirects where possible
  • Use the cross-domain rel=”canonical” link element

Pepsi Pulls Out of Superbowl Ads

After 23 years, the soft drink giant’s drinks will not be appearing in next years Super Bowl. In a huge marketing shift, they look set to put significant ad spend to online marketing. Not to be the first, Fed-Ex also said this week that due to costs, they wont be advertising again in the Super Bowl.