SEO Weekly Digest - Issue 54


SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 54

The Psychology Behind Link Giving

Building links is a long drawn-out process, with many technical aspects intrinsical to the link building campaign. Dave Snyder of Search and Social however touches on the human side of link building and the psychology and emotional aspects involved. Dave also discusses this process from initiation point to result. A must read.

Mozilla Doubts Google’s Privacy

Mozilla’s community coordinator, Asa Dotzler, is recommending that users concerned about their privacy switch from using Google to Bing. Dotzler cites the following quote from Google CEO Eric Smidt:

If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. If you really need that kind of privacy, the reality is that search engines — including Google — do retain this information for some time and it’s important, for example, that we are all subject in the United States to the Patriot Act and it is possible that all that information could be made available to the authorities.

Facebook’s Status Messages Now Public by Default

Facebook upped the ante with Twitter this week in the guise of giving ‘you even greater control over the information you share’. Facebook wants a push for increased visibility and they’re going to use your information to get it. ReadWriteWeb sum it up further with the following:

…Your status updates are only visible to those you opt-in to exposing them to. You’ll now have to opt-out of being public and opt-in to communicating only with people you’ve given permission to see your content.

10 Tips for Creating Calls to Action That Convert

Creating compelling landing pages that convert is a fine art. Fortunately, Stephanie Woods at SEO Scoop has put together a list of 10 tips which you need to consider for creating actionable calls to action.

White Paper; Google Personalized Search

Dave Harry over at the SEO Dojo gives us an indepth look at Google’s personalized search. The Whitepaper was published earlier in the year, but its relevance remains strong due to Google’s recent announcements.

We did a few rounds of testing (first with 25 or so peeps, then with 100 or so) to see exactly what was going on with Google personalized search and rankings flux… We looked at transactional and informational query spaces and also isolated geo-related factors.

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