SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 53

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 53

Google Releases Site Performance Tool

As mentioned by Matt Cutts at PubCon Las Vegas, Google may be introducing page loading time as a ranking factor. Right now, it’s not clear just how much significance will be placed on page speed, but the release of the Google Page Speed tool and the inclusion of a new Site Performance graph in their Google Webmaster Tools suggests that Google intends to help speed up the Web.

Site Performance Chart from Google Webmaster Tools

Be sure to check out Jon Henshaw’s article on how to speed up your website for Google. You should also check out Rhea Drysdale’s article on The SEO’s Guide to Page Speed.

Bing Introduces New Features for Maps

Bing announced this week that Bing Maps would be introducing a street side view in 56 locations with the hope of going global in the future. In direct competition with Google’s street view, Bing hopes to capture some Google users who may be looking for a richer experience. However, there is one caveat – you need to install Microsoft Silverlight for it to function (something Mac users need to be aware of).

Google Launches Public DNS

This week Google launched it’s own public domain name system resolver in an effort to speed up web browsing and improve security. However, it’s not without it’s critics. David Ulevitch, Founder of Open DNS had the following to say:

it’s not clear that Internet users really want Google to keep control over so much more of their Internet experience than they do already — from Chrome OS at the bottom of the stack to Google Search at the top, it is becoming an end-to-end infrastructure all run by Google, the largest advertising company in the world. I prefer a heterogeneous Internet with lots of parties collaborating to make this thing work as opposed to an Internet run by one big company.

You can use Google’s Public DNS now by adding one or both of the following IPs to your computer’s DNS server settings.


Google Replaces Answers.com with it’s Own Dictionary

When looking up definitions for words in Google, Answers.com was the website linked to in the definition link. However, Google have replaced that link, with (you guessed it) a dictionary of their own. The old definition link to Answers.com is moved way down in the SERPs.

Taylor Pratt Joins Raven as “Product Marketing Manager”

The entire Raven team is delighted to welcome Taylor Pratt as Product Marketing Manager. We can’t wait for Taylor to get started and we’re all very excited for him to be joining us. Product Manager and Co-Creator of Raven, Jon Henshaw, has more to share on the hiring of Taylor.