SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 50

SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 50

Thesis Export Settings Plugin

Many of us use Thesis as our WordPress theme of choice. For personal usage and for clients, Thesis allows unparalleled customization and tweakage. The one function Thesis lacks is an ability to export those settings and save them for the next time you have to customize the theme. Let me introduce you to the Thesis Settings Export Plugin. With this plugin you can export your Thesis Options, Design Options, and Thesis OpenHook content. With Thesis 1.6 just released, there is no reason whatsever to not be using the best theme available for WordPress.

Google Launches Music Service

Google announced this week that they’ve made it easier for us to find our favorite bands and musicians with their newly launched Music Search. The results will be listed above the regular search results with links to hear the song. Here’s what the feature looks like when searching for Bob Dylan:


Twitter Lists Go Live

Five or six weeks ago Twitter made an announcement that they would be rolling out lists and making them available to selected members. Well, this week, the lists were made available for all Twitter members. Twitter lists enable you to group Twitter users into categories. For instance, you can follow the Raven team list and perhaps a group of SEO’s?

Google Begins to Use RSS/Atom Feeds to Discover New URLs

Yesterday Google posted on their official webmaster central blog that they recently launched a feature that uses RSS and Atom feeds for finding new web pages. In doing so, they hope to be able get new pages into their index as quickly as possible. Google did mention one caveat however – ensure that the crawling of your RSS or Atom feeds is not prohibited by your robots.txt. They encourage you to test your feed URLs with the robots.txt tester in Webmaster Tools.

Outside.in Expands Its Hyperlocal Search Capabilities

Search Engine Land posted today about Outside.in’s local search capabilities. With its recent relaunch, Outside.in demonstrates some new local search features that include searching by city, zip, or neighborhood from a single search box, doing a keyword search for any of the previously mentioned locations, and subscribing to the RSS feed of any searches you perform on the site. Fore more details, read the full article.