SEO Weekly Digest - Issue 48


SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 48

SEO Dojo Launch Date Announced

David Harry, of the SEO Dojo announced this week that the official launch date of the SEO Dojo is Monday 19th of October – that’s on Monday people! The Dojo is packed full of SEO strategy and actionable information and comes highly recommended. If you’re in the slightest bit interested in becoming a Search geek – go check out the dojo, you won’t be disappointed.

Google Removes PageRank from Webmaster Tools

An interesting discovery that could finally see the death of PageRank came this week via the Search Engine Roundtable. Inside Google’s webmaster tools it was found that PageRank was removed from the crawl statistics area. As pointed out in the article, PageRank provides a false metric. Until they remove it from the Google toolbar it’s a moot point.

Google See’s Quarterly Growth

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt today confirmed that they have returned to a quarterly growth with revenue totaling $5.94 billion. The interesting part of this is that they have plans for moving forward, particularly in the acquisitions department:

“We’re open for business in making strategic acquisitions, both large and small.”

FTC is Not Out to Get You (Yet)

Mary Engle, the associate director for advertising practices at the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection this week admitted that the FTC’s guidelines for bloggers are merely that – guidelines. Engle also admitted that blogging is somewhat of a gray area and they are more likely to pursue the black and white cases.

Yahoo! Announces Drop of Paid Inclusion Program

Yahoo! formally announced this week that they are to retire their paid inclusion program – they are the last major search engine to do so. They announced the decision at the iProspect/Range Online Media Client Summit. The program will end at the close of 2009.

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