SEO Weekly Digest - Issue 2


SEO Weekly Digest – Issue 2

When covering news items for our Weekly Digest, we try and pinpoint news of interest to any person who is interested in SEO. This week is no different.

Five Ways Link Builders Hurt Themselves

Eric Ward at Search Engine Land posted an article this week that evaluated the effect on the Google PageRank decrease and the devaluing of certain link types. We know that backlinks are important in gaining quality SERP’s and becoming recognized by Google as an authority, but have we as SEO specialists relied too much upon the importance of backlinks? Eric provided five ways link builders may be hurting themselves.

5 Ways SEO Link Builders Hurt Themselves

  1. Being a link-seeking snob
  2. Over-relying on social media
  3. Outsourcing to idiots
  4. Obsessively focusing on PageRank
  5. Seeking only links you can control

Read Eric’s full article at Five Ways Link Builders Hurt Themselves.

Search Engine Friendly Design

At Sitening, we always want our clients to have great-looking websites, as well as a significant online presence. To do this, we use search engine-friendly design. What really is search engine-friendly design? Over at the Search Engine Roundtable, there is a detailed overview that should help many of you out when designing a web site.

  • Easy to Read
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Easy to Find
  • Consistent Layout and Design
  • Quick to Download

Read the full article at Search Engine Friendly Design.

Implementing an SEO Strategy

Factoring in all you need to do in implementing an SEO campaign can often be an overwhelming process. Promoting a site that is a relative unknown will take time because successful and consistent SEO can be a long-term process. Web site owners and SEO beginners expecting quick rankings after following various Internet guides will be in for a letdown. Your SEO strategy must have a strong foundation in order to succeed. SEOmoz has a great guide to implementing an SEO strategy that SEO veterans and beginners alike should adhere to.

  • Unique Content
  • Access to an Adoptive Community
  • Link Friendly Formatting
  • Monetization Plan
  • Market Awareness

In case you missed it in the Raven SEO blog this week, we’ve talked about the following:

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