SEO Slogans: What's Yours?


SEO Slogans: What’s Yours?

Is search engine optimization having an identity crisis?

Sometimes SEO is dead. Sometimes SEO goes by other names, like content marketing or (shudder) inbound marketing.

But at Raven, we’re not giving up on SEO. We’re standing up for those three little letters.

We even think SEO should have its own motto, so we asked all our smart friends on Facebook and Twitter for some slogan suggestions.

Below are a a few of our favorites – and scroll down to the bottom for a blank template where you can make and share your own SEO motto.



See these and many more noteworthy SEO mottos in our Google Plus gallery or on Facebook.

Create your own

Got a great SEO slogan you want to add? Our template is yours to download and use to create your own masterpiece. (Here are some tools that can help you with that – we used PicMonkey for the above images.)

And if you share your motto in a blog post or on your site, we wouldn’t say no to a link back to Raven. We are all SEOs, after all.

Photo Credit: Eusebius@Commons via Compfight cc

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Courtney Seiter wrangled a smart, savvy community of Internet marketers as Raven's first Community Manager. She moved on from Raven in January 2014, but her social media and writing advice stands the test of time.

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13 Responses to “SEO Slogans: What’s Yours?”

  1. RavenCourtney says:

    Well, that one’s not much fun to rally around. :(

  2. IncrediBILL says:


  3. Himanshu says:

    Nothing Last Forever:)

  4. RavenCourtney says:

    The Latin makes it classy! ;)

  5. Misa Jovcic says:

    Vos postulo SEO. (You need SEO)

  6. RavenCourtney says:

    Love it. :)

  7. HWing says:

    Winter (aka next version of Penguin) is coming…

  8. RavenCourtney says:

    Definitely counts! Good one. :)

  9. Jason says:

    I love all of them, mine is not a slogan exactly, but its a meme? does that qualify?

  10. RavenCourtney says:

    Yup, definitely not our jam at Raven. If you haven’t already, be sure to click through on that link to our sister site, Squawk, for a great point-by-point refutation of the whole concept. It’s a good one!

  11. Tyler_Hakes says:

    I’m glad to see that other people shudder at “inbound marketing” as much as I do.

  12. RavenCourtney says:

    Haha, I like it! Portmanteaus are never wrong in my book.

  13. Bill Sebald says:

    “Don’t sing the algorithm and blues?” Nah, that’s terrible.

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