SEO Mistakes To Avoid


SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO specialists that are new to search engine optimization often make mistakes that can be detrimental to their websites. Although every SEO campaign should use a set of core techniques, there are elements to a campaign that should be considered before and during the campaign.

Since achieving solid and consistent search engine rankings take time, it’s important to not throw away your efforts from common SEO mistakes. For example, a good starting point is to have your site built using the modern design methods, like using XHTML and CSS (no tables here!). That ensures a great starting point for you to build your site from.

Julian Paling, of has an excellent top ten list of the most common SEO mistakes. Although it’s not comprehensive, it should get anyone new to SEO off to a good start.

Ten Common SEO Mistakes

  1. Not having a unique title elements and attributes on every page
  2. Not using H1-H6 (header) elements correctly
  3. Using click here or read more for anchor text
  4. Not providing a Google sitemap
  5. Not targeting the right keywords
  6. Not putting alt text and image titles on images
  7. Writing the META description for search engines, not humans
  8. Using too many keywords in the META keywords — although most major search engines, like Google, ignore them anyways
  9. Not building enough inbound links to the website
  10. Having multiple URLs for the same page, thus creating duplicate content
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