New feature: SEO Link Referrals report

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New feature: SEO Link Referrals report

Link builders spend a great deal of time doing research and outreach to find relevant and authoritative sites that will link to them.

They do this because links are still the most effective way to increase search engine visibility and organic traffic to a site.

One of the best ways to manage link building campaigns is with Raven’s Link Manager. It provides a central place to view, manage and monitor all your links, and also has full reporting capabilities. For example, you can run detailed reports on all of your link building efforts and include link clips (screenshots) of the links you’ve built.

It’s important to be able to report on your link building efforts, but it’s even more important to report on the results of those efforts.

That’s why we recently released SEO performance reports that focus on site engagement, goal completions and landing pages from organic-only traffic.

While the new SEO performance reports are a powerful way to communicate the effectiveness of a link building campaign, there’s an additional metric that shows the value of your efforts: link referrals.

Exclusive Link Referrals report

Good link building isn’t just about improving organic traffic, it’s also about getting links from relevant sites that will drive targeted traffic.

We’ve created a new SEO performance report that analyzes the active link records stored in the Link Manager with the referral data from Google Analytics. The result is an exclusive report on the traffic, engagement and goal conversions that your link building efforts provide via direct referrals.

SEO Referral Report Example

The new view and report are available now in the Metrics section (Metrics > SEO). Along with visits, goal and conversion data, the table shows the number of links associated with the referral. Clicking the number will take you to the Link Manager, where you can view the related link records.

Link Records

The table data for this view (and all of the other SEO performance views) can also be exported to CSV.

Export to CSV

The Link Referrals report can be used in conjunction with Raven’s other SEO reports to provide a full view of ROI resulting from your SEO campaign efforts.

More report enhancements are on the way – for SEO, social media, content and more. We want your feedback to help make them great. Tell me what you think at

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